Remove comma before submit to DataTables


The comma problem from user input

Many cases user like to submit decimal or integer with common (,) and MySQL or MariaDB will return error like

An SQL error occurred: SQLSTATE[01000]: Warning: 1265 Data truncated for column 'max_amount' at row 1

The solution : replace before pass to database server

I’ve modified and make sure to support join tables that using dot notation

    editor.on( 'preSubmit', function ( e, data, action ) {
        function set(obj, str, val) {
            str = str.split(".");
            while (str.length > 1)
                obj = obj[str.shift()];
            return obj[str.shift()] = val;
        function ref(obj, str) {
            return str.split(".").reduce(function(o, x) { return o[x] }, obj);

        $.each(, function ( key, values ) {
            set([ key ], 'table_name.min_amount', ref(values, 'table_name.min_amount').replace(/,/g, ''));
            set([ key ], 'table_name.max_amount', ref(values, 'table_name.max_amount').replace(/,/g, ''));
        } );
    } );       


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