exit code of #128 fatal: unable to connect to github.com

I follow the Quickstart guide from FoundationPress and it display this error
[code lang=”bash”]
bower install && grunt build
bower foundation#* not-cached git://github.com/zurb/bower-foundation.git#*
bower foundation#* resolve git://github.com/zurb/bower-foundation.git#*
bower fontawesome#~4.3.0 not-cached git://github.com/FortAwesome/Font-Awesome.git#~4.3.0
bower fontawesome#~4.3.0 resolve git://github.com/FortAwesome/Font-Awesome.git#~4.3.0
bower fontawesome#~4.3.0 ECMDERR Failed to execute “git ls-remote –tags –heads git://github.com/FortAwesome/Font-Awesome.git”, exit code of #128 fatal: unable to connect to github.com: github.com[0:]: errno=Connection timed out

I run this to solve this problem.

[code lang=”bash”]
git config –global url.”https://”.insteadOf git://


2 thoughts on “exit code of #128 fatal: unable to connect to github.com”

  1. Thank you very much. I have similar problem and your solution solved mine as well. Thank you very much. You just made my day.



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